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Handout #352: The Family in America

The Family In America

The raising of children, and their training, is a serious obligation which the conscientious parent cannot delegate to others. It is part of his/her job to see that the children become useful members of society – and that is a personal responsibility.

Such parents as mine, for instance, had no inhibitions about “cramping a child’s style” or obliterating his personality. They realized, as sensible people, that the job of training a child is one that takes strength of purpose and deep love with a long-range view – not the kind that coddles and indulges, and allows a child to imagine that the world is going to be his oyster . . . . The experience of my whole life tells me that successful dealings between men are influenced for good or ill by home backgrounds.

It seems to me that the American family used to be more closely knit; though it was made up of individuals, there was a unity, a common interest. And this gave a strong feeling of security to each member of the family unit. I do not say that this situation does not exist today – but I do say, and I have years of observation to prove it – that the average parent today, in his desire to make his children happy and give them everything they want, is less apt to instill in them those qualities of character that grow out of wholesome self-denial.

Many people assume that this is an outmoded point of view, belonging to a slower, simpler way of life. Quite the contrary; the speed and complexity of present day living require of us, if anything, greater discipline and fortitude, to enable us to see and do what is important.

If we are to keep America secure, we must look to the preservation of the American family. We must concern ourselves deeply, and with wise love, about our children. We must know where they are, what they are doing, what they are learning. We must take a hand in teaching them, day by day, not controlling, but guiding. They are the new citizens who will receive the torch from our hands and carry it on.

America. If it is sound and right, we need to have no fears for America. And there, I think, is the job which lies at hand for everyone, and which no one can side-step without danger to our American way of life.

— J.C. Penney


Glen Cunningham, one-time mile record holder – “My legs are the weakest part of me! I run more from the hips up then from the hips down. This is how it has to be with anybody – you can go where your heart takes you, not your legs. The handicap can become a great blessing if you run like a man, not a jackrabbit.

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