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Handout #351: Are You a Minute Miser???

Are You a Minute Miser???

Once there was a man, who, in his lifetime:

  • finished college in less than three years;
  • studied law and was admitted to the bar at 24;
  • designed one of the nation’s leading universities and the capital building of his state;
  • originated the decimal system for US money;
  • introduced crop rotation and terracing to the United States;
  • seriously studied natural history, Latin, Greek, Italian, French, German, Anglo-Saxon, Mathematics, History, Geography, Civics, Economics, and Philosophy;
  • was a state legislator, governor, minister to France, Secretary of State, Vice-President, and President of the U.S.;
  • created the public school system in his state;
  • became president of a university;
  • established the U.S. Military Academy, designed uniforms;
  • wrote rules of parliamentary procedure for the Senate;
  • fought for the government that made the U.S. a democratic republic, not one ruled by aristocracy; and
  • designed, built his house, was father of six children.

Yet this man, THOMAS JEFFERSON, had in each of his days the same 24 hours we have in each of ours.

While we can’t plan to match Jefferson’s accomplishments, we do know there are ways of saving some of those 1,440 brand new minutes given us each day.  “Minute Miserssuggest studying our daily routine, questioning the use of our time.

For instance, we can save minutes by getting up when we open our eyes instead of lingering in bed.  Can we combine some of our morning routines?  Do we plan each day’s work?  Activities?  Do we seek to do “extra”?  Do we know what we want to accomplish?

Do we always have something to do when we get unexpected spare minutes, as when we are waiting for someone?

The experts tell us to chart our use of time for a week.  Those who have done this are surprised at the minutes they save.  We might be able to join the “minute misers” and add profitable hours to each day.


Roger Bacon Football – Bron Bacevich

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For a .pdf file of this original Coach Bacevich Handout, click here:  Handout #351: Are You a Minute Miser???. Coach Bacevich gave binders of his motivational handouts to thousands of people. You should print this original Coach Bacevich Handout together with the others in each weekly post and start your binder of these motivational handouts. Then read and browse the material as you desire. Soon you will have a treasure of information at your fingertips whenever you need a little inspiration and motivation from the Coach as you pursue your aspirations!

Many of Coach Bacevich’s Handouts were written for his football players as the audience. This is an example of good information written for his football players but so very applicable in all of life, sports and otherwise. When you see the phrase “football player” or “athlete”, substitute that phrase with whatever fits your situation, such as Employee, Team Member, Hockey Player, Basketball Player, etc.


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