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Handout #349: What Makes a Champion???

What Makes a Champion???

The thing that makes a champion is obvious enough: It isn’t any mystic prestidigitator’s stuff.

It’s nothing more than giving to whatever be the chore, The power that is in you – and a small scintilla more. It isn’t any wizardry, it’s not a magic gift; It’s merely lifting honestly the load you have to lift; Or, in the game you’re playing, it is using all you store Or grit and nerve and energy – and a trifle more.

The thing that makes a champion is simple, plain and clear; It’s never being “almost”, “just about”, or “pretty near”, It’s summoning the utmost from your spirit’s inner core and giving every bit of itand just a little more.

“That little more-how much it is”. As deep and wide and far As that enormous emptiness from molehill to a star, The gulf between the earthbound and the eagles as they soar, The champions who give their best – and one iota more.

— Unknown


It’s Up to You!

God gave you this day to do just what you would.  You can throw it away . . . or do some good.  You can make someone happy, or make someone sad.  What have you done with the day that you had?

God gave it to you to do just as you would.  You could do what is wicked, or do what is good.  You can hand out a smile, or just give ’em a frown, You can lift someone up, or push someone down.

You can lighten some load, or some progress impede, You can look for a rose, or just gather some weed.  What did you do with your beautiful day?

God gave it to you, did you throw it away?

— Unknown


Brain Food for Athletes

  • There never was a champion who to himself was a good loser.
  • The beginning and the end are always the most important.
  • Every participant should know the rules: the letter and the spirit.
  • Never sacrifice a principle for a temporary gain.
  • Prefer team victory to personal victory.
  • When you make a mistake, be the first to admit it.
  • Always treat your opponent with respect.

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For a .pdf file of this original Coach Bacevich Handout, click here:  Handout #349: What Makes a Champion?. Coach Bacevich gave binders of his motivational handouts to thousands of people. You should print this original Coach Bacevich Handout together with the others in each weekly post and start your binder of these motivational handouts. Then read and browse the material as you desire. Soon you will have a treasure of information at your fingertips whenever you need a little inspiration and motivation from the Coach as you pursue your aspirations!

Many of Coach Bacevich’s Handouts were written for his football players as the audience. This is an example of good information written for his football players but so very applicable in all of life, sports and otherwise. When you see the phrase “football player” or “athlete”, substitute that phrase with whatever fits your situation, such as Employee, Team Member, Hockey Player, Basketball Player, etc.



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