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Handout #348: Getting Ahead

Getting Ahead

To use all of your courage to force yourself to concentrate on the problem at hand, to think of it deeply and constantly, to study it from all angles and to plan.

To have a high and sustained determination to put over what you plan to accomplish, not if circumstances be favorable to its accomplishment, but in spite of all adverse circumstances which may arise . . . and nothing worthwhile has ever been accomplished without some obstacles to overcome.

To refuse to believe that there are any circumstances sufficiently strong to defeat you in the accomplishment of your purpose.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur – There is no security in this life, only opportunity.

Danish Proverb – He who would leap high must take a long run.

BIG SHOTS are usually LITTLE SHOTS who kept shooting.


EXPERIENCE is a wonderful thing.  It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

There are two kinds of people in the world-those who are always getting ready to do something, and those who go ahead and do it.  — Albert Hubbard

The best eraser in the world is a good night’s sleep.  Try it!!


ENTHUSIASMAMBITION – Y-O-U are the fellow who has to decide whether you’ll do it or toss it aside.  Y-O-U are the fellow who makes up your mind whether you’ll lead or linger behind.  Whether you’ll try for the goal that’s afar or be contented to stay where you are.  Take it or leave it.  Here’s something to do, just think it over it’s all up to you.

THREE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT THINGS TO DO IN LIFE are to keep a secret, forget an injury AND make a good use of your leisure time.

THE PERSON WHO GETS AHEAD is the one who does more than is necessary and keeps on doing it.  How about you?


DR. VICTOR FRANKIHOLOCAUST SURVIVOR:  The reason so many people are unhappy today and are seeking help to cope with life is that they fail to understand what human existence is all about.  Until we recognize that life is not just something to be enjoyed, but rather is a task that each of us is assigned, we’ll never find meaning in our lives and never truly be happy.

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For a .pdf file of this original Coach Bacevich Handout, click here:  Handout #348: Getting Ahead. Coach Bacevich gave binders of his motivational handouts to thousands of people. You should print this original Coach Bacevich Handout together with the others in each weekly post and start your binder of these motivational handouts. Then read and browse the material as you desire. Soon you will have a treasure of information at your fingertips whenever you need a little inspiration and motivation from the Coach as you pursue your aspirations!

Many of Coach Bacevich’s Handouts were written for his football players as the audience. This is an example of good information written for his football players but so very applicable in all of life, sports and otherwise. When you see the phrase “football player” or “athlete”, substitute that phrase with whatever fits your situation, such as Employee, Team Member, Hockey Player, Basketball Player, etc.



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