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This website was developed to bring Coach Bacevich’s motivational handouts to life.  Coach Bacevich spent countless hours developing this treasure of information and gave it to thousands of athletes and hundreds of coaches across the country and across all sports.  Today, there are binders of this material in coach’s offices across all levels, pro, college, high school and peewee.  Coach Bacevich would share this information with anyone that expressed an interest in receiving it.  With the Internet and email, Coach Bacevich’s grandson, Mike Bacevich, wanted to bring the distribution of this information back-to-life for anyone that desires to read it, just as Coach Bacevich did.  Thus, this website was created.

Every week, one of Coach Bacevich’s Motivational Handouts will be posted to this site together with a link to  a .pdf file of the original Handout made by Coach Bacevich.  If you subscribe to Coach Bacevich’s website via email, these weekly posts will be sent to you via email the day they are posted.

We hope you get as much enjoyment and motivation from these Handouts as Coach Bacevich did in creating and distributing them.

May the Good Lord Shower you with his Blessings!

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